HPC College Ministry

The center-piece of the Highlands Presbyterian Church College Ministry is the Sunday morning community that meets at 9:30 in room 209. This class is designed for young adults who are college-aged as full-time students or out in the working world and going to school.

Contact Pastor Wilson A. Shirley for more info about college ministry.





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The HPC College Ministry’s Philosophy of Ministry

  • To continue to support our “home grown” college students who grew up in the church by encouraging them in their Christian walk while away at college.
  • To provide our “in-town” college students with a church home away from home.To encourage all college students to be involved with RUF on their campus.
  • To encourage all college students to get involved with the many different ministry and volunteer opportunities at Highlands.To help all college students become mature men and women of Christ by offering multiple opportunities to grow through the Word of God and Christian service.

If you have any more questions please contact Wilson Shirley at wilson@highlandspca.org.

How We Do Ministry

  • RUF: We highly encourage you to be involved with RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) on your college campus. The mission of RUF works in conjunction with the overall ministry and discipleship process of Highlands. For more information visit www.ruf.org.
  • Events & Fellowship:  Throughout the year we host various events and fellowships to connect you with each other and the church body.  Visit thecalendar link for more info.
  • Conferences & Retreats: In college you have tons of opportunities to go on a retreat with your peers. At Highlands we want to get you plugged in with the life of the church by encouraging you to attend men’s and women’s retreats, as well as have the opportunity to possibly chaperone other HPC ministry trips.
  • Missions: Missions is one of the areas that we truly believe sets Highlands apart and brings balance to the overall discipleship process. You will have a unique opportunity to go out of your comfort zone to a cross-cultural setting and be the hands and feet of Christ. More information and details about our mission trips can be found on our website.
  • Mercy/Outreach:  Another way in which we seek to “reach out” is by looking in our own backyard for ministry opportunities. Highlands is involved with MadCAAP and other local ministries to give our people opportunities to reach out in their community.