Frequently Asked Questions about Highlands

When are your services?

Our services on Sunday mornings begin at 10:50 a.m.

How long will the service last?
Our services are about one hour.

What will the service be like?

We have a blended style of worship that uses everything from traditional hymns to more modern worship songs.

What should I wear?
“What do people wear to worship at Highlands?” Believe it or not it’s one of the most asked questions we get.  Do people wear suits, jeans, khakis or shorts? The answer is yes.
First and foremost come as you are.  But, just in case you’re wondering how most people around here will be dressed it’s pretty broad. A lot of guys wear khakis or jeans and a polo or button up shirt. Ladies wear jeans, pants, skirts, and dresses.  Most importantly though we look forward to seeing you, not what you’re wearing.

Will I need to say, sign or give anything?

No. Because we believe that God has welcomed sinners like us, we want you to feel as welcome as possible. The order of worship is printed in the bulletin you receive when you enter and gives all the information you need to follow along and to participate as you feel comfortable.  A collection is taken in every service because the finances of the church are the responsibility of the church members. If you do not wish to contribute, just let the offering pass by.

What about my kids – do they come into the service with me or is there something going on for them?

Children are welcome in the worship service.  There is a nursery for babies and pre-school children during both worship services.  Our Nursery (for birth to 4-year-olds) is located in the lower level of the building.

What do you believe?
All of our teaching is rooted in the Bible and we believe in Jesus Christ as the only Savior for sinners who are alienated from God. We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).  We are historically Reformed in our theology and do not align with other radically liberal branches of Presbyterianism in the United States. More information about the PCA can be found at
Do you have a youth and children’s ministries?
Yes!  To learn more about youth ministry please visit:  To learn more about children’s ministry, please visit: