1. Should I attend worship in person or should I stay at home and join the broadcast? 

That is a personal decision, however, we are taking substantial precautions to provide for your well being while at Highlands. You may attend either the 8:30am or 10:50am worship service. We will continue to offer a live broadcast of the 10:50am service from our website highlandspca.org or on Facebook. We encourage those who are most at risk due to underlying health conditions, compromised immunity, or age, to continue to join us online. 

2. Will there be special precautions for people who are more At Risk?

If your circumstances place you a little more “At Risk”, please park in the East Parking Lot and enter the Atrium through the East Doors. These doors are the designated entrance for those who are considered At Risk. There will also be an identified section on the main floor of the Sanctuary in which this group will be seated.

3. Where should I enter the building?

If you do not consider yourself to be in an “At Risk” situation, please park in the West Parking Lot and enter the Atrium through either set of West Doors. The doors that access the Education Building will not be available for entrance on Sunday morning. The East Atrium Doors are reserved for our more At Risk members and visitors – please help reserve this entrance for those most in need of precaution. Seating will be available on the main floor and balcony of the Sanctuary during both services.

4. What will Sunday Worship look like?

Highlands offers two Worship Services at the following times: 8:30am and 10:50am. Beginning August 2, a nursery will be provided with appropriate guidelines and protocol in place. Until further notice, Children’s, Youth, and Adult Sunday School Classes will not be held. Seating will be available on the main floor and the balcony of the sanctuary. Seating will be restricted to every other pew to provide for appropriate physical distancing. Our praise team will be present to lead music from the platform. During this first phase of reopening our Sanctuary, the congregation will not be participating in singing. Many of our national and state authorities have suggested this course of action at the present time to prevent the possible spread of the virus. Although we look forward to the time when we can sing again together as a congregation, we are taking this step to make the best provision for your health and safety.

5. Will there be bulletins available?

We are distributing printed bulletins on Sunday mornings. You may also follow along with music and Scripture readings on the front screen or with your emailed PDF bulletin. This is also available on highlandspca.org.

6. Where will we be allowed to sit in the sanctuary?

Ushers will be on hand at all entrances to the Sanctuary to assist you finding a place to be seated. To maintain appropriate physical distancing while in the Sanctuary, we will be only using every other pew. The pews designated for non-use will be clearly marked at both ends. When selecting a seat, please maintain at least six (6) feet between family units. At this time, pew Bibles, prayer cards, and pencils have been removed. At the conclusion of the Worship Service, the Ushers will release the congregation row-by-row to avoid congestion in the aisles.

7. How will the offering be collected?

We will not pass a physical offering plate during the worship service. Offering boxes have been mounted on the walls outside the main Sanctuary doors, by the Welcome Desk, and by the Balcony exit. Please feel free to place your offering in one of these boxes on your way in or out of the Sanctuary. You may also make your gift online before, during, or after the service.

8. Should I wear a mask?

The Session of Highlands is encouraging, but not requiring, our members and visitors to wear masks while attending Worship Services. While it is always prudent to wear a mask when indoors in public, it is most important that they are worn while walking in close proximity to others. Please feel free to bring your favorite (most comfortable) mask with you. If you would like to wear a mask but are not able to bring one, you may get one at the Welcome Desk or request one from a Greeter.

9. How will we avoid crowds in the aisles and Atrium after the service is over?

At the conclusion of the Worship Service, the Ushers will release the congregation row-by-row beginning at the rear of the sanctuary to avoid congestion in the aisles. Please wait for your row to be released before exiting the sanctuary. We also ask that you not linger in the Atrium to avoid congestion of this space and to allow our housekeeping staff to properly clean high contact surfaces before and after the service.

Nursery info:

  • Temperature Check – Nursery Parents will bring their child(ren) to the Nursery Entrance.  Your child(ren)’s temperature will be taken just inside the second set of doors.  Any child with a temperature of 99 or higher will not be allowed into the building.
  • Social Distancing – There will be six-foot distance markers down the Nursery hall and the hallway entering the Atrium.
  • Masks – Following the church policy, masks are recommended, but not required, for age appropriate children.
  • Drop Off – One parent  will proceed to the computers to drop off the nursery age child(ren), while the remainder of the family will proceed to the sanctuary.  A staff member will  record attendance and a Nursery Worker will sanitize their hands and take them to their room.  Parents will be not allowed to go beyond the Nursery doors.
  • Diapers – All children are to arrive with a newly changed, clean, dry diaper. Because it is only an hour service, the only diapers that will be changed will be dirty diapers.  This will aid in limiting contact between the children and Nursery Workers.
  • Diaper Bags/Backpacks –  will not be allowed in the rooms.  The Nursery will provide diapers/wipes for changing, if needed.
  • Feedings/Snacks – Children should be fed prior to coming to the Nursery (including bottle fed children).  If your child requires a bottle during the service, the parent is to come get their child to do the feeding.  Snacks will not be served to snack age children.  Children will be allowed to bring their own sippy cup filled with water.
  • Pacifiers – will be allowed if it is clipped to the child’s clothing and cannot come off easily.
  • Security Items – Children will not be allowed to bring a security item – such as a lovie or a blanket.
  • Infants – Infant children should be brought in their car seat.  If the infant can remain happy in their car seat it will limit contact.
  • Classrooms – Parents will not be allowed in the Classrooms.
  • Pick up  – Parents will line up on the six-foot markers beginning at the Nursery doors in the Atrium.   As the parents come to the computer area, your child will be ready for pick up and you will proceed out the Nursery doors.

If you have any questions, please call our Nursery Coordinator, Julie Crosland, at 601-853-0636.