Registration Policy for Events

All registration deadlines as set forth by the ministry staff are to be observed.  These deadlines are the be posted at and communicated through other official communications of HPC.


Deposit and Refund Policy for Events

In an effort to conserve and be good stewards of the budget and expenses of the ministries of Highlands Presbyterian Church, the following policies are in place

●     Deposits:  All events sponsored by HPC shall require a deposit of at least 25% of the total registration amount.  All deposits for a HPC sponsored event are non-refundable and non-transferable.  All events where a deposit is used to secure a spot will require full payment by the designated deadline of the event to secure the participant’s spot.

●     Refund & Cancellation Policy: 1. The participant’s spot is filled by another participant on a first-come-first-serve basis.   2. A medical illness precluding a participant from attending event per a doctor’s recommendation (note required).  3. A death of a family member or good friend resulting in the participant attending memorial/funeral activities. Not with-standing, HPC will not refund any fees on deposits that it is unable to retrieve from third party venders.


Scholarship Policy for Events

All scholarship requests must be made in writing and at least 60 days prior to an event.


RYM Payment Policy

In accordance with Reformed Youth Ministries (RYM) conference policies the following applies to HPC church members and guests attending RYM events:  Paying a deposit for RYM ensures that a family is committed to sending their child on the event and will pay the full conference fee.  All participants are to follow the standard deposit and refund policy.


Deposit for Mission Trip Policy (approved by the session January 2012)

Participant Financial Commitment for Short-Term Mission Trips Sponsored by Highlands Presbyterian Church (HPC)

All participants are required to pay a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit. The deposit amount shall be set by short-term missions committee and shall not exceed the per-person amount designated by the partnering mission organization. (Example: $100/person deposit to Sacred Road Ministries per their guidelines).

By paying a deposit for the trip you are assuming financial responsibility for the trip and are authorizing Highlands Presbyterian Church to purchase airfare on your behalf. Accordingly if you do not go on the trip and the airline ticket cannot be transferred to another person you will be responsible to pay the cost of the ticket to HPC.

Furthermore, if for any reason the trip is cancelled, any expenses incurred will first be deducted against contributions raised. No contributions given to the church will be returned, but will be kept in an account for use on a future approved trip. All funds raised after the deposit will be tax deductible gifts to Highlands Presbyterian Church on your behalf – therefore they are not refundable.

If the trip is cancelled, all funds raised will be kept as short-term missions tax-deductible contributions and a record of the funds you raised will be kept for a mission trip.