Position Title: Junior High Ministry Coordinator

Position Type: Full-time, Non-Ordained, Salaried, including benefits

Reports to: Assistant Pastor of Student Ministries

Relates closely with: The Senior Pastor, Senior Associate Pastor, HPC staff, the Session and the Student Ministry staff team

Responsible for: Junior High Student Ministry Intern(s)

Pay Scale: Negotiable depending on experience. Some funding available to assist with Seminary education, if desired.

Purpose: To oversee, shepherd, and direct all ministries to the Junior High students in coordination with the broader student and church ministry of Highlands Presbyterian Church.

Description of Organization: Highlands Presbyterian Church, PCA, is a redeemed community reaching out at the intersections of life and culture. It is a growing church of approximately 1,000 members in Ridgeland, Mississippi, which is a suburb just north of the state capitol, Jackson. Highlands has a veteran leadership team that will provide strong mentoring and oversight for this position. There are four Core Values that drives its ministry: Worship, Teaching, Nurture and Reaching.


1. Ministry Direction: Oversee the Junior High program (6th through 8th grade) and assist in the overall youth ministry as instructed by the Assistant Pastor. Manage and oversee all interns and volunteers associated with the Junior High Student Ministry. Communicate to the Assistant Pastor of Student Ministry, pastors, and Session all serious emotional and spiritual issues involving youth and parents.

2. Discipleship: Evangelize and disciple students personally. Oversee the discipleship ministry to Junior High students. Able and willing to pursue students in their environment outside of the church.

3. Bible Study: Offer Biblical instruction (along with other staff and volunteer leaders) to students involved in the ministry through weekly Bible studies. Manage and oversee the selection of materials for Junior High Sunday School and small groups.

4. Events and Retreats: Create, organize and publicize all Junior High ministry activities and programs. Maintain order and discipline with youth at church events. Plan and execute all Junior High retreats, conferences, activities, and other church supported events.5. Missions and Mercy: Direct and implement missions and service projects for Junior High students, both state-side and abroad.

6. Volunteer Leadership: Assist in the recruiting and training of adult and college leaders to assist in the nurture and discipleship of students.

7. Parental Involvement: Coordinate occasional meetings with parents, both individually and as a group.

8. Worship: Manage and support the use of music for worship within the program; recruit youth and adults with musical talent to assist in worship leadership within the group.

9. Pastoral Ministry: Teach, visit, and assist in worship at the request of the Sr.Pastor or Senior Associate Pastor.

Position Qualifications:

1. The Person: A man with humble character who possesses a vibrant, growing relationship with Christ as evidenced by his walk and the way he serves those around him.

2. Theologically Reformed: Personally committed to the system of theology laid out in the Westminster Confession and Catechisms.

3. Loves Youth: Has a passion for working with young teenagers and able to model and apply the Gospel appropriately to their lives.

4. Education and Experience: In or pursuing Seminary education/ordination is preferred, but not required. Youth ministry and/or other ministry experience preferred.

5. Skills: Creative, self-starter with desire to bring new ideas to this ministry. Desire and ability to work as a part of a team (church staff/elders) as well as to build a team (volunteers and parents). Demonstrates ability to shepherd others, motivate people and teach in a style age-appropriate to youth.

Time Required by the Position: If not taking Seminary courses, then this position is 30+ hours per week. Seminary course time is in addition to those hours, but limited to a maximum of 20 credit hours per calendar year, and 6 credit hours per term.

Interested candidates should email a resume to btisdale88@gmail.com.