Mercy Ministry at Highlands

As a redeemed community seeking to reach out at the intersections of life and culture, we are committed to demonstrating the love of God not only through the word of proclamation, but also by works of practical service. In this way, we hope to demonstrate the reality of our profession of faith in Christ through the tangible expression of our concern for others.

Here at Highlands, we seek to do this in two distinct ways: through the ministries of Mercy and Benevolence managed by the Board of Deacons.

Mercy refers to the various deed ministries through which we assist the poor, the widow, the orphan, the needy, the weak and the powerless around us. We do this primarily by partnering with organizations and institutions engaged in helping people in need. While financial support is important, this partnership is also expressed through the personal involvement of the members of Highlands in projects offered throughout the year.

Benevolence refers to deeds done to help individuals (and individual families) struggling with various types of financial need.

Assistance directed toward members of the church in financial need comes from the Deacons Fund. This special fund is primarily sustained by designated donations from members and through the offerings from the Good Friday and Christmas Eve services.

Benevolence giving directed toward the needs of non-members requesting assistance from the church comes directly from the Benevolence portion of the Strategic Outreach budget of the general fund. Highlands has set aside one percent of its annual budget to fund this outreach.

If you have a need that you would like to bring before the Deacons, please contact our Church Administrator at 601-853-0636 or

Mercy Ministry Supported by Highlands

The Mississippi Valley Presbytery also has a diaconate mercy committee which promotes partnering with other churches to strengthen mercy efforts.