Mission to the Word and Mission to North Amercia

As a part of God’s world-wide redeemed community, we are committed to reaching out not only to our nearby neighbors and those in spiritual need across the nation, but to the ends of the earth as well.

World Missions Committee

The primary goal of the committee is to encourage and educate the congregation of its responsibility as Christians to “carry out the Great Commission.” We will seek to do this by praying for missionaries, providing monetary support to individual missionaries and agencies, organizing and supporting Highlands’ short-term mission projects, and doing all we can to put the challenge of world missions before the congregation on a regular basis.

Ministering to Our Missionaries

We seek to offer warm, loving hospitality to missionaries that visit our church, giving them the opportunity to share with us God’s work through them in their particular place of service. We also try to send our people ‘there’ from time to time to be an encouragement and help to our missionaries on the field.

The biggest missions event in the year is the annual Missions Festival, held in February each year. Missionary guests, a challenging speaker, and multiple opportunities for growth and fellowship make this a special time in the life of our church.

Supporting Our Missionaries

The Faith Promise Fund is the vehicle we use here at Highlands to provide support for career missionaries, agencies, and special projects. (To learn more about Faith Promise, click here.) The missions budget is determined each year following the Missions Festival where Faith Promise commitments are received.

While Highlands supports a number of missionaries, the Missions Committee has determined to target five Focus Areas in the world for concentrated levels of support and personal involvement:

  • Ecuador
  • Eastern Europe
  • Uganda
  • The Muslim World
  • India & South Asia

To see a current list of the missionaries whom we support, click here.

Short-term Missionary Opportunities

The opportunity to see and experience the mission field firsthand can be a life-changing experience. We at Highlands are committed to seeing a growing number of our members having short-term experiences, and to this end, the Committee seeks to organize trips annually for adults and students. In addition, it also provides prayer, guidance and sometimes financial support for individuals going overseas with other ministries besides Highlands. To learn more about upcoming short-term mission trips, click here.