In preparation for worship April 5

In the middle of Palm Sunday, Jesus stopped and wept over Jerusalem…

Chorus: Words and music by Darrell lMansfield

Verses: Words and music by Joseph Wheat


A Message from Pastor Joseph Wheat ~ April 2, 2020

Pastor Wheat’s message this week brings us encouragement on how to move ourselves from anxiety to prayer and then on to worship. Please share this message with your family and friends. Everyone is invited to join us for our Holy Week Services: 

Palm Sunday, April 5 10:50am 

Good Friday, April 10 6:30pm

Easter Sunday, April 12 10:50am 

All services will be live streamed at
We will also be broadcasting live on Facebook!


The PCA’s Call for 30 Days of Prayer

The Presbyterian Church in America invites Christians to join in 30 days of prayer for the church, the nation, and the world in response to the current COVID-19 crisis. As people suffer physically and economically, the month-long prayer initiative provides a structured way to pray for the needs inside and outside the church.

Visit to download the month-long guide or explore topics day-by-day.

Every day offers a scripture for meditation, prayer requests to consider, and a video of a PCA elder leading in prayer. Every day is structured around an attribute of God or fruit of the Spirit. As churches and communities are shaken by physical and economic hardships from the effects of COVID-19, Christians are invited to join us “to pray for all things tending to the glory of God, the welfare of the church our owns or others’ good” (Westminster Larger Catechism, 184).


First Things First ~ March 31, 2020

by Andrew Hoffecker
March 31, 2020

In every age, God’s people aspire to wisdom.  Because we live in a fallen world everyone is susceptible distorted thinking, erroneous choices and evil actions.

In the Bible our God reveals the source of wisdom and describes its many attributes. A primary source of wisdom is Proverbs, written by King Solomon. When God asked Solomon what he most wanted and needed to rule Israel, Solomon asked not for wealth, military power, prestige or great possessions. Rather he requested wisdom – the centerpiece of Proverbs.

Music in preparation for Sunday Worship

As we head into the weekend, here’s our Music Director, Mike Murphy, with some music in preparation for Sunday’s worship service. Hopefully, it will be a blessing to each one of us as we reflect and prepare for the coming Lord’s Day.

Music by Justin Smith.

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First Things First ~ March 24, 2020

“Put first things first and second things are thrown in. Put second things first and you lose both first and second things.”  C. S. Lewis

This week we continue our First Things First series with Bill McDonald. Bill has a PhD in Old Testament and Hebrew (2005, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary), and he is a Ruling Elder at Highlands. Bill is also a cancer survivor. He lives what he teaches. 

Joy, Trial, and the Proof of Faith, or, It Really is About How You Drive

There’s an expression in golf, “It’s not about how you drive but how you arrive.” That is, regardless of how you get there, the important thing is to make it to the green; because, that’s where the cup is. And, unless you make it to the cup, you have no chance of winning. As with any competition there’s an end goal; and, in order to win, you must finish the game and make it to that goal, typically in quicker and better fashion than everyone else.