Our nursery is open for both services. Because of the environment with COVID-19, we have guidelines and protocols to follow when dropping off and picking up your child(ren).  Please take a minute to read the information below so you will have an understanding of how the Nursery will function on Sunday mornings.  It is our hope that this is temporary, but we will adjust as the environment around us changes.

  • Sign Up – To prevent too many children in a room and keep the nursery area as safe as possible, each family is to register their child(ren) for either the 8:30 or 10:50 service on  Highlands Connect.  You will be registering for a month at a time.
  • Temperature Check – Nursery Parents will bring their child(ren) to the Nursery Entrance.  Your child(ren)’s temperature will be taken just inside the second set of doors.  Any child with a temperature of 99 or higher will not be allowed into the building.
  • Social Distancing – There will be six-foot distance markers down the Nursery hall and the hallway entering the Atrium.
  • Masks – Following the church policy, masks are recommended, but not required, for age appropriate children.
  • Drop Off – One parent  will proceed to the computers to drop off the nursery age child(ren), while the remainder of the family will proceed to the sanctuary.  A staff member will  record attendance and a Nursery Worker will sanitize their hands and take them to their room.  Parents will be not allowed to go beyond the Nursery doors.
  • Diapers – All children are to arrive with a newly changed, clean, dry diaper. Because it is only an hour service, the only diapers that will be changed will be dirty diapers.  This will aid in limiting contact between the children and Nursery Workers.
  • Diaper Bags/Backpacks –  will not be allowed in the rooms.  The Nursery will provide diapers/wipes for changing, if needed.
  • Feedings/Snacks – Children should be fed prior to coming to the Nursery (including bottle fed children).  If your child requires a bottle during the service, the parent is to come get their child to do the feeding.  Snacks will not be served to snack age children.  Children will be allowed to bring their own sippy cup filled with water.
  • Pacifiers – will be allowed if it is clipped to the child’s clothing and cannot come off easily.
  • Security Items – Children will not be allowed to bring a security item – such as a lovie or a blanket.
  • Infants – Infant children should be brought in their car seat.  If the infant can remain happy in their car seat it will limit contact.
  • Classrooms – Parents will not be allowed in the Classrooms.
  • Pick up  – Parents will line up on the six-foot markers beginning at the Nursery doors in the Atrium.   As the parents come to the computer area, your child will be ready for pick up and you will proceed out the Nursery doors.

If you have any questions, please call our Nursery Coordinator, Julie Crosland, at 601-853-0636.